An overview of the basics

How long have you been in the service?

I've started in the year 2007, providing only soccer tips from the major european leagues. As I have received numerous demands to provide tips for the minor leagues over the year, I have started lately to offer soccer tips for minor leagues too.

How much does your membership cost?

I offer you the possibility to purchase my tips in plans: 2 tips for 99 EUR and 30 TIPS for 349 EUR. I also have available 2 underground tips for 545 EUR but I recommend buying this plan only if you are determined and have an appropriate bankroll.

I have created an account and I have bought your tips. What do I do now?

After the payment is approved you will have instant access to your tip. You will automatically receive it into your email inbox and also into you member account. Log in and check it out!

Which odds are your tips based on?

All my tips are based only on the popular Asian Handicap Odds. All odds are obtained directly from SBOBet, one of Asia's most established and largest Asian Handicap Odds bookmaker. My average odds given is about 1.95.

Can I request free trial tips?

I regret that I am unable to provide any free trial tips at this moment. I suggest you to create an account (I have monthly discounts which you can use to buy my tips). If you find that my results are not satisfactory for you, I suggest you keep monitoring my results until you are convinced.

Are the records shown on your website genuine?

Yes, definitely. I have been and will be in this business for long term, therefore I adhere to very strict guidelines of honesty in all my records. Furthermore, I have members receiving our tips every match day, therefore, they would act as our "police" to guard against any mistakes I made accidentally.

Do I have to use your recommended betting system?

No, I offer a system as a service to my clients (there are a lot of clients who request a betting system) but you are free to use any system that you choose. My soccer tips have proven to be highly successful with a number of different betting systems. Need a system? Contact me.

What should I do if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact me here.


Why join

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    Same Tips Big Bettors Receive

    Ever thought to you could be a big winner if you just had access to the same info the experts get - this is your chance!

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    Proven Track Record of Success

    Look at my record of past picks to get an idea of just how accurate – and profitable – my tips are!

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    Instant Access to Tips

    I'll deliver tips to your email inbox daily (and into your account). No delays, no frustrating searches. Just timely delivery of expert tips that you can rely on.

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    Complete Betting Blueprints

    From betting systems to money management systems, I'll provide you with everything you need to make money betting on soccer!

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    High Win Rate

    There is no better way to stop the cycle of winning a little - losing it back, winning a little - losing it back. Here you can win 85% of your bets (or more)!

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    Safe, Secure Payment System

    I keep your payment details secure while delivering a system that offers tremendous convenience and a variety of payment methods!

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    Put the Odds in Your Favor

    I offer medium to high odds so that you win more money, more often!

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    Industry Leading Customer Service

    You are important to me - that's why I offer 24/7 email support and I'm dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction!

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